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The aircraft were originally designed using the FS2002 SDK. They are compatible with FS2004, and untested in FSX. There's a lot more work involved in aircraft design. It seems that aircraft aren't a good project for individuals, and are more suitable for a team of designers - one guy builds the model, another the panel, etc.

Also, I received a few requests from people who wanted to see a pilot in the cockpit. Well, the reason I never added a pilot is because I think they look unrealistic, and I was really just interested in modeling the aircraft. However, I ran a poll on my site, and something like 95% of the respondents disagreed with me, so if I ever get around to designing more aircraft, you will see pilots.

If for some reason you have trouble downloading from my website, remember that everything should also be available at

Socata TB-9 Tampico for FS2002

This is an all new model designed for FS2002. The project originally started as an AI version of the aircraft to add to the scenery of the Thai Civil Aviation Training Center in Hua Hin, Thailand, but this is the full-featured version. It features moving parts, virtual cockpit, a custom panel and reflective textures with a little dynamic shine.

Download TB-9 Tampico

Pilatus PC-9 for FS2002

The Pilatus PC-9 is a Swiss-designed, turboprop trainer used by countries around the world. Three different models are included representing the minor visual changes made for different customers. A total of nine different paint schemes are included, representing aircraft from Australia, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and Thailand. The models feature a custom panel, and a virtual cockpit with moving parts and working gauges. A repaint kit is included.

Download Pilatus PC-9

This page was updated March 13, 2008