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FS2002 Scenery

I am no longer creating scenery for FS2002. I don't even have it installed on my computer anymore, but I will continue to provide the older files here if anyone wishes to download them.

If for some reason you have trouble downloading from my website, remember that everything should also be available at

Chiang Mai for FS2002

This scenery covers Chiang Mai International Airport (VTCC), located in Northern Thailand. Two smaller airports Lanna (VTCM) and Lamphun (VTCO) are also included. Custom ground textures were used to detail the terrain at all airports. Both the passenger and cargo terminal are here, and so is the RTAF base at the north end of the airport. As well, a few landmarks in the city were created. I also made the moat that surrounds the central part of the city, and the Ping River, which was seriously under represented in the default scenery. Photographs were used extensively to design the custom made buildings, and a 1:50,000 scale topographical map was used for building placement and terrain features. A landclass and an AFCAD file are included.

Download Chiang Mai for FS2002

Buriram for FS2002

Buriram, Thailand - VTUO. Buriram is a small city in northeast Thailand. It is served by a small domestic airline. This scenery adds a terminal, control tower, and most of the other buildings that should be there. The airport layout was taken from Thailand's DOA website.

Download Buriram for FS2002

Ubon Ratchathani for FS2002

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - VTUU. Ubon was one of the air bases in Thailand that was used by the Americans during the Vietnam War. It is still home to the Royal Thai Air Force, but it has become more important as a civil airport, as Ubon is one of Thailand's largest cities, and it is quite a long distance to Bangkok by bus or train. This scenery completely replaces the default scenery for Ubon Ratchathani. It included both the civil and military side of the airport, as well as a custom landclass file and an AFCAD file file for use with AI aircraft. As a bonus, I included an "AI-only" version of the F-5E, which the RTAF flies at Ubon.

Download Ubon for FS2002

Hua Hin for FS2002

Small airport used for training in Thailand. It is also served by Bangkok Air with flights to Bangkok and Koh Samui. Some crucial elements of the airport were made possible due to the release of the SDK's - the shoreline and some roads had to be moved. AFCAD and Landclass files are included.

Download Hua Hin for FS2002

Bangkok for FS2002

Bangkok has plenty of interesting buildings and landmarks to model. The problem is finding a good map to use to place stuff. I think I have placed stuff accurately, but it would be nice to have a decent topographical map to use. The orientation of buildings is another problem, as is finding decent pictures of places to model. The internet has some, but often it is difficult to figure out how a building looks if you only have one picture, taken from street level, etc.

Download Bangkok for FS2002

Download AFCAD file for FS2002

Sukhothai for FS2002

Sukhothai is a rather small city in Northern Thailand. It is famous for it's ancient ruins of the old capitol, which attracts a lot of tourists. Because of this, Bangkok Airways built an airport there, which it plans to use as its northern hub. Eventually, the airport will serve international flights to Laos, and maybe China too. Currently, there are only two flights per day - one from bangkok and one from Chiang Mai.

Download Sukhothai for FS2002

This page was updated March 13, 2008