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FS2004 Scenery

I am no longer creating scenery for FS2004. Since FSX has been released, I have removed FS204 from my computer, as I have with all older versions of Flight Simulator. However, all the older FS2004 scenery I created is still available here. Although all the scenery was created using the FS2004 SDK, occasionally you might encounter problems which I am unable to duplicate on my machines. There isn't much I can do about this, since there are an infinite number of configuration options available on todays computers.

If for some reason you have trouble downloading from my website, remember that everything should also be available at

Chiang Mai for FS2004 (v 3.0)

This is the third version of Chiang Mai scenery that I have created. The previous version was over two years old, and didn't take advantage of many of the techniques which were learned after the release of the SDK's. I reused some 3D objects, but at least 75% were created from scratch. The biggest difference is the addition of textured ground polygons, which contributed to a larger filesize. Some extra objects were added, including several city buildings, but I was unable to add more due to a lack of resources (photos).

Download Chiang Mai for FS2004

Siem Reap for FS2004

Siem Reap is famous for it's many temples, including Angkor Wat. As such, it has become a regional holiday destination for visitors from Thailand, Singapore, China and Japan, and is served by as many as a dozen different airlines. It's international airport is quite small though, and there is a plan to build a bigger airport over the next few years. In the meantime, I have created the current airport for FS2004. The entire airport was created from photographs which I personally took while visiting the city in 2005, and includes a custom AFCAD, trees, radar, people and vehicle objects. This scenery was created using the FS2004 SDK (which was strictly adhered to), utilizing GMax objects placed using the XML language.

Download Siem Reap for FS2004

Buriram for FS2004

Buriram is a small province located in the Northeast of Thailand. Although it doesn't attract many tourists, it does have its own airport.

Download Buriram for FS2004

Trat for FS2004

Trat is located in Eastern Thailand near the border with Cambodia. Located within Trat Province is Ko Chang, a popular beach destination which is often described as "what Samui was like ten years ago". Until recently, the only way to get to Trat was by road, but recently Bangkok Airways opened it's third airport here. This is scenery of this airport, and includes realistic shorelines as well as modified landclass for some parts. I have personally visited this airport, so most of my research was conducted onsite. This scenery was designed using the current FS2004 SDK - all 3D objects were designed using the GMAX FS2004 gamepack and compiled using the new BGLComp.

Download Trat for FS2004

Sukhothai for FS2004

A small airport in Sukhothai, Thailand. Bangkok Airways owns and operates this airport, and has plans to expand it for some international flights. For now, it is just a small, beautifully designed airport in Northern Thailand. This is a complete rebuild of my previous version, and is now fully compatible with FS2004. I used library objects to improve performance, and I also created a fountain effect for the ponds in front of the terminal. Custom landclass and AFCAD2 files are included.

Download Sukhothai for FS2004

Samui for FS2004

Samui is a small, but busy airport on the island of Ko Samui. It is located in Southern Thailand, and is an exotic resort destination. Although it started as a backpackers haven in the late 1970s, it has been subjected to increased development over the years. In 1989 Bangkok Airways opened their own airport on the island, which decreased the travel time from Bangkok considerably. The airport is currently served by Bangkok Airways, although an occasional private aircraft will land here.

Download Samui for FS2004

Mae Hong Son for FS2004

This is scenery for Mae Hong Son (VTCH), Thailand. Mae Hong Son is located in Northwest Thailand near the border with Myanmar. The terrain is mountainous, which makes approaches into the airport quite difficult. The province has been attracting more tourists over the last few years, which has prompted the government has made some improvements to the airport, included a new terminal building. Most of the buildings display traditional Thai architecture themes.

Download Mae Hong Son for FS2004

Aircraft Carriers off Thailand's Coast

This scenery will place two aircraft carriers off the coast of Thailand - one near Pattaya, and one near Phuket. Please don't email me asking to place aircraft carriers near your home country. It really isn't all that easy. The original aircraft carrier model was created by Javier Fernandez.

Download Carriers for FS2004

Hua Hin for FS2004

I've learned a lot about scenery design since I first created Hua Hin for FS2002. This has resulted in vastly improved performance and generally a "better looking scenery", similar to the improvements that the Bangkok scenery had. Landclass and AFCAD2 file are included.

Download Hua Hin for FS2004

Ubon Ratchathani for FS2004

This scenery has also been updated for FS2004. The biggest differences are the use of different ground textures, and I also have a better sense of the layout of the airport.

Download Ubon for FS2004

Bangkok for FS2004

This scenery incorporates everything I have learned about scenery design. It is a major re-work of my previous scenery for Bangkok, which first came out over two years ago. Most airport buildings have been modeled and placed using numerous photographs and assistance from local sources, as well as the AIP for Thailand. I have also created a large part of the city, including major landmark buildings and several elevated helipads. The Chao Phraya River and many landmark parks and golf courses have been added using Ground2K. A custom AFCAD2 file is included. I have made extensive use of library objects and "LOD" models to keep the framerates reasonable, despite the higher detail compared with previous versions.

This scenery is looking dated, and I think that I could do a better job of it if I were to recreate it today. However, that is a monumental task, and I don't think I can find the time before the next version of Flight Simulator comes out. This scenery has been downloaded more than 20,000 times from various websites.

Download Bangkok for FS2004

Thailand Mesh for FS2004

This mesh was created using SRTM 3 arc second data. There are four parts which cover all of Thailand. I made no attempt to correct the data, nor did I try to merge other meshes into the blank areas. These files probably work fine in FS2002, FS2000, and probably even FSX. There are four parts:

Download Thailand Mesh Part 1
Download Thailand Mesh Part 2
Download Thailand Mesh Part 3
Download Thailand Mesh Part 4

This page was updated March 13, 2008