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Tokyo, Japan

Although I have been through the airport (Narita) many times, this was my first actual visit to Japan. We stayed in Yokosuka, but made the trip to Tokyo everyday. The train system is quite confusing if you've never taken it before, but eventually we got it all worked out.

We didn't have much time on the first day, so we sort of rushed around, and ended up In Ginza.

We were mostly just looking for a place to eat. There were lots. This is a picture of plastic food outside one of the restaurants.

Signs like this always make me curious. Obviously, they are trying to attract foreigners, since the sign is in English, but what does in mean "standing and no charge". I'm always curious to check out places like this.

And of course, once the sun sets all the lights come on...



I wouldn't say that there is a lot of green space in Tokyo, but often you would come across small parks as you were transiting from one place to another. This was a small Shinto shrine located in a park near the Tokyo Tower.

... and another nearby.

The Toyko Tower, as viewed from a nearby park.

...and a temple in the same park.

There were all these little statues at the temple, and we guessed they were a way of remembering their family members.

The view from Tokyo Tower was decent, and the thing that really struck me was that Tokyo's streets weren't as filled up with cars as I had imagined.

More lights, at night...

... more

So, we went to this restaurant for "hot stickers", and the waitress showed us to this machine outside. You buy a ticket from the machine (like a movie ticket) and you give it to the waitress who then brings you your food. Once we tried this, we started noticing that it wasn't at all uncommon in Tokyo to see these things.

This page was updated May 22, 2008