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Crossing the Line


After years of sticking to "static" photography, I decided to experiment with the video feature of my digital camera. Of course, regular cameras don't work as well as actual video cameras so I upgraded and bought a digital video camera. What a hoot.

For now, I've included only the .wmv format for videos. I'm pretty sure most people can view these. I'll try to make them smaller too.

Chaiyaphum, Thailand

My video show a little bit of the city, as well as silk production and Tat Ton waterfalls.

Lampang Sukhothai Ko Samui Chaiyaphum video preview

Chaiyaphum_l.wmv (89MB) Chaiaphum_s.wmv (37MB)

Crossing the Line

Nasty things happen when a ship crosses the equator. There are also pictures available on this page. The two videos are identical, except for size.

Crossing the equator video

Crossing the Line L.wmv (93MB) Crossing the Line S.wmv (41MB)

Goa, India

This is the video I made up from my trip to India. This the same one that is available on the Goa page which also includes many pictures. The two videos are identical, except for size.

Goa, India video

Goa_l.wmv (106MB) Goa_s.wmv (44MB)


Some friends of mine took me to Cha Am, a city by the sea which is notable for having a couple hilltop temples in the middle of town. The hill is occupied by a legion of monkeys. These monkeys are very tame, and bold to the point that if they notice something in your hand and they decide that they would like to have it... they take it! They seemed to be more interested in getting food from people, and there are numerous vendors at the site selling corn and stuff for this very purpose (no wonder the monkeys are tame). In the video you see a monkey stealing our water. A monkey even jumper out of a tree right in front of us, and jumped up on my friend because he wanted her Pepsi.

Monkey video

Ling.wmv 10MB


Thailand is home to many friendly snakes. At the Red Cross Research Institute in Bangkok, there is a snake farm where venomous snakes are kept for the purpose of producing anti-venom. For a couple buck, you can get up close and personal with a variety of poisonous snakes, including the Common Cobra, King Cobra, and an assortment of Kraits and Pit Vipers. You'll watch the handlers "play" with the snakes, and then feed them and milk them for venom. A couple of the handlers have wicked-looking scars, thanks to the snakes, as well as some witty anecdotes that accompany the scars. It is interesting, and somewhat educational. If you go, I recommend that you sit in the front row.

Snake video

Snakes.wmv 55MB


Ayuthaya is the previous capitol of Thailand, located just North of Bangkok. It is pretty easy to make a day trip there by bus or train, and so it is frequently visited by tourists. There are many temples to see, although they aren't quite as old as the ones at Sukhothai. The video is about 3 minutes long, and shows most of the commonly visited temples on site.

Ayuthaya video

Ayuthaya.wmv 26 MB

This page was updated March 18, 2008